Stephen Hendry Apr 6 RightNow Media / Frequently Asked Questions

We are thrilled to bring you the new RightNow Media website.  These changes are intended to make it easier for you to find and curate content for your ministry. 




Any time changes are made there is a possibility for technical glitches that need to be resolved.  If you happen to run into a software bug, please let us know by submitting a support request above.  In your support request, please include the following information:

  • The web page you were on - The URL (web address) would be helpful.  For instance, https://www.rightnow.org/account/login
  • Description of the problem - if you are seeing an error message, we'd love to know what it says
  • Which operating system you are using (Windows 7, 8, OSX, Android, etc.)
  • Which web browser you are using (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. ) - if you know the version that would also be helpful.
  • Screen shots will be a huge help for our software team when trying to track down the problem


You can capture a screen shot by pressing the “Print Screen” button and attaching it to your support request.  The more of the screen you include the better.  It’s amazing what our software team can determine from information on your screen that most people would consider to be irrelevant. 


We also plan to update the "Known Tech Issues" category below with any software bugs that we are working on or with solutions to issues you may be seeing.  Please check the issues listed there to see if they relate to a problem you are experiencing.


If you have any feedback or suggestions about the new site, we would love to hear it.  Please submit a support request with your thoughts and it will be passed along to our development team.  Our top priority is to fix any technical problems on the site so we may not respond as quickly to suggestions but we consider your feedback to be instrumental in what we do as a ministry.  You can be assured that it won’t be overlooked.


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